Success story in Clean Technologies - Quantum Technology


Innovation is at the heart of Quantum Technology, a manufacturer and producer of helium gas and helium refining plants. For 40 years, they have developed and designed different styles of purification, liquification, or gas processing systems. Never shy to face a challenge, they look at problem solving as an opportunity to innovate their own systems and designs.

As a non-renewable resource with great power, there is growing demand for helium around the world and the industry is fast-growing in Canada. The challenge is that it’s found in very small quantities on Earth and is easily lost in ventilation systems. Quantum Technology provides a closed loop recovery system and processes out impurities, giving customers a packaged solution that covers access to this rare and important gas, along with storage, purification, and repurposing.

It’s a complex business that requires big thinking and working in Squamish gives the team at Quantum Technology a great opportunity to stay fresh, says Manufacturing Director Robert Smith. It’s not uncommon that team members will get outside to clear their heads, move their bodies, and take in the natural surroundings in Squamish only to come back to work ready to refocus their energy.

Aligned values and a supportive business community make the organization feel all the more at home in Squamish. Robert explains that with its emerging clean technology sector and people who genuinely care for the environment, working in Squamish is exactly the right place for the team at Quantum Technology. Above and beyond that, it’s the partnerships that really set Squamish apart, according to Robert – he describes them as dynamic and plentiful companies working hand in hand, from logistics and shipping to automotive, industrial, and manufacturing shops.