Creative Industries and Adventure-based Media and Film

Unique, compelling and specialized

Adventure-based media and marketing is emerging as a niche industry here in Squamish with many specialized photographers, videographers, digital marketing and design agencies choosing to operate here.


Filming rock climbing scenes at the Smoke Bluffs

The scene is set. Neighbouring Vancouver is only a 45-minute drive away with a bourgeoning entertainment and digital media industry, but it is the local talent that ensures the scene flourishes in Squamish.

Fiber optic cable is available throughout Squamish ensuring efficient access to a global audience and easy distribution of recreational digital media, film, and entertainment. 

Squamish also has the advantage of being within the Regional Tax Credit Zone. The District of Squamish supports the filming industry with fast and straightforward filming approvals, and is considered one of the most ‘film friendly’ municipalities in BC.

The location is just right. Squamish’s beautiful natural landscapes, range of adventure activities, and breadth of shooting locations attract adventure-based media and film projects to the town, however, the creative industries sector and network of supporting businesses and local talent, are ensuring the sector’s growth. The Squamish Creative Industries workforce has an intimate understanding of the outdoor recreation sector. They understand the nuances of the brands they represent through their work and play!

We are ready to roll. A local pool of talented film industry workers resides in Squamish. Professionals include costume designers, grips, lighting specialists, actors and actresses, stunt men and women, special effects technicians, photographers and more.

You get the picture.

Creative industries and media in BC

With targeted financial support through tax credits for film, TV, and VFX production offered by the provincial government, BC is home to the third-largest film and TV industry in North America. Over 25,000 people are employed in the Entertainment and Digital Media sector in the province. And, as one of the biggest visual effects industries in the world, BC has more than 80 VFX studios.

Digital media and film in Canada

Canadian film and TV productions account for $5 billion in revenue, employing more than 117,000 people on a full-time basis. Both the federal and BC governments encourage growth in the sector with investment incentives.

According to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, global spending on filmed entertainment is forecast to reach $113.1 billion. North America is the world’s largest production region with spending expected to rise to $50.3 billion.

Unique perspectives - Sea to Sky Cable Cam

When Sea to Sky Cable Cam Founder and CEO Matt Maddaloni moved to Squamish in his twenties he had his sights set on becoming a full-time rock climber. It was an exciting time with lots of opportunities and he soon found himself working in rigging and construction, but the story didn’t end there. Matt found a way to combine his passion for the mountains and the outdoors with a fulfilling career in a booming industry.

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“We have everything we need for filmmaking. We have incredible mountains, we have the ocean, we have the forest, we have the animals and all of these amazing local people to work with.”

— Matt Madeloni, Sea to Sky Cable Cam

Sector contacts  

District of Squamish Economic Development Team

As your point of contact within the District of Squamish, we can connect you to the municipal departments that will help to start and grow your business. Contact us for support with zoning information or site selection, and we can connect you to the appropriate staff member. Several members of our staff are experienced with the specific regulations for your industry, and can help guide you through site selection. We can also provide you with resources to help you start or grow your business, including market research, business intelligence, recommendations for key contacts, and ideas for funding.


Creative BC

Creative BC was established by the provincial government in collaboration with local municipalities and industry associations to grow creative industries in the province. This includes professional expertise and business support, programs, services, and investments for motion pictures, interactive and digital media, music and sound recording, and book and magazine publishing industries.


Centre for Digital Media

The Centre for Digital Media was established through a groundbreaking education consortium of four leading academic institutions: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Talented students from across the globe come to the Centre for Digital Media to work with world-class faculty and industry professionals. 



Incorporated in 2010 DigiBC - The Creative Technology Association of British Columbia is a member-supported non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. DigiBC represents the creative tech sector which is made up of the video games and interactive, visual effects, animation, and VR/AR industries.



VR/AR Association

The VR/AR Association is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between solution providers and end-users that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry best practices, connects member organizations, and promotes the services of member companies. 


Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association logo
Squamish Downtown Business Improvement Association

With the aim to diversify the downtown economy by attracting new businesses and people to the downtown core, the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association (DSBIA) brings people together and into local businesses with communications, marketing campaigns, and events.


Trade and Invest BC

Trade and Invest BC recognizes Entertainment and Digital Media as a key sector in BC. Trade and Invest BC help organizations and investors find success doing business in British Columbia by facilitating foreign direct investment, helping to build connections between companies, and promoting BC products and services globally. 


Invest in Canada: Entertainment and Media

Canada has one of the world’s most innovative, cost-effective, and talented creative industries ecosystems. From best-selling video games to Hollywood blockbusters, Canada’s portfolio is undeniably diverse. Recognized as a global leader in video game production, visual effects (VFX) and animation, Canada is an obvious choice for investors looking to grow their entertainment and media business. Contact Invest in Canada to find out more.