Thriving Economy

Thriving together

We’re a fast-growing community – at an average of 3% every year – that’s poised for big things. We’ve been highlighted as BC’s best place to work and the best place to invest.

Fueled by an attractive outdoor-adventure lifestyle and with annual growth of over 4% in the last five years, we’re one of Canada's 10 fastest-growing communities. Squamish's population is just over 24,000 and is projected to reach in excess of 36,000 residents by 2040.

24.2K 2021 population

21.8% 5-yr population growth

We are a relatively young population with a median age of 38.6 years old when compared to Canada's median age of 41.1 or that of BC's (42.3). We’re an enthusiastic, diverse, and educated population of people who love where we live.

70.6% are 15-64 years of age

38.6 median age (42.3 for BC)

Want to see how these numbers translate to a thriving Squamish workforce?

An educated and fresh-minded community exists right here in Squamish – it’s a powerful combination and it translates to great potential for a local workforce that’s ready to take off. Get acquainted with opportunities to encourage local talent.

Learn about the Squamish workforce

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Development in Squamish

Squamish has experienced strong growth in recent years which is reflected in ongoing residential and commercial development. The total construction value of building permits issued in Squamish in 2021 was $113 million, with more than 229 permits issued. This is following a period of significant development between 2016 and 2019, which is valued at more than $600M.  


Value of Total Building Permits Issued


Source: District of Squamish

Visit to access more information about development in the District of Squamish.

Economic dashboard

We keep track of our economic performance against our strategic goals and report these through the Economic Development Community Dashboard.  The dashboard assesses economic health using 16 metrics across three pillars, People, Business, and Place and is updated in July each year. Click through to the dashboard to find out more.

Economic Development Dashboard

There are BIG things happening

Oceanfront Squamish. This image shows a rendering of the proposed Oceanfront Squamish — with 100 acres of new homes, businesses, industries, green spaces and water access on the peninsula.

11 major projects

$6.5B in value

Squamish has several major projects underway in various stages of development. While not all of these projects are linked to the District of Squamish, they will impact and involve the community of Squamish.

Visit Squamish's development showcase for a full list of development applications.

 Development Showcase

 Access BC's major project inventory to learn more about projects throughout BC. 


Looking to invest in a Squamish business?

Discover investment opportunities in Squamish and see why it’s been named the best place to start a business in BC by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. From incentives and exciting new areas for growth to major projects and development in the region, the possibilities are endless.

Check out our Investment Opportunities

As a materials supplier to the construction industry, our businesses grows as the community grows. We employ over 50 people who work in skilled, well-paid positions. They work close to home, and they get to be a part of the development of the community they live in.

- Amy Fast, Vice President, Fast Property Ltd.