SOARE - Outdoor Recreation Innovation and Collaboration

Newly created local non-profit SOARE launches on October 26, 2023 at their new dedicated innovation space ‘Basecamp’ in the Squamish Business Park. 

The Sea to Sky Outdoor Adventure Recreation Enterprise (SOARE) provides physical and virtual space to make it easier for businesses to meet, share resources, skills, and relationships to develop and scale, and further cement Squamish's reputation as a world leader in the Outdoor Recreation Industry.

Join the upcoming launch party on Thursday, October 26th at SOARE's innovation centre - Basecamp.

At this event, learn more about what SOARE does and plans to do, how to become a member, take part in member-benefits, and become a part of shaping this member driven non-profit.

Click here to register for the Oct 26, 2023 launch event - admission is free!

The District of Squamish recognizes the benefits of advancing Outdoor Recreation as an emerging sector of the Squamish economy and strives to provide support to the sector, ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to the tools and programming they need to scale. A key driver of success in seeing businesses scale, is the existence of business networks, to encourage collaboration, founder connections, and mentorship.

'We believe there is strength in numbers and are creating the first formalized network for the 380+ outdoor recreation businesses, and supporting organizations, across the Sea to Sky.' – JoJo Das, Development Manager, SOARE.

SOARE aims to demonstrate the economic value and strength of this sector to BC, Canada, and international cohorts. The organization will work with members, partners, and government to support and enable an innovative, connected, and vibrant Outdoor Recreation Industry right here in the Sea to Sky.

SOARE Basecamp

SOARE Basecamp is an innovation centre - a hub where members can develop and test prototypes, other members can provide qualitative feedback and ideas, and valuable connections can be made. Imagine a space where you can work, meet, collaborate, and ideate. And then.. the manufacturing space and workshop to design and build prototypes. 

Designed to enable businesses to SOARE.

Find out more about member benefits or to become a member today!

 The SOARE Maker Series

Join the 'Maker Series' providing a collection of insightful morning meetings, with coffee and doughnuts, touching on business development topics covering funding, soft goods, hard goods, and more. 

Maker Series: Funding - November 16, 2023 - 8am - 9:30am - Join Kieran Hale, Community Future Howe Sound, Executive Director,  who will discuss business funding.

Maker Series: Soft Goods - November 30, 2023 - 8am - 9:30am -  hear from local apparel businesses on fit, styling, and the challenges and solutions that come from designing and making technical clothing.

Maker Series: Hard Goods - December 14, 2023 - 8am - 9:30am -  local hard goods manufacturers will share design iteration and continuous tinkering to make your products even better.

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If you have experience or connections that you think could help make SOARE a stronger community asset, join the board or act as an advisor.