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Land development, site selection and business licensing 

The District is working to ensure that local job opportunities reflect the growing workforce. Developing the right type of space, to provide ample space for key sector growth and enabling supply-chains is one way that the District can bolster local jobs opportunities. 

This section is designated to provide information for entrepreneurs and investors when considering employment space development and/ or establishing a business within the District of Squamish.

Land development considerations

Review current land use on our Squamish Webmap to find appropriate sites. 

Hint: Select "I want to" and then "Change visible map layers" to look at other available layers, including zoning, environmental and utility considerations. 

  • Official Community Plan Amendments: When a land development proposal is not consistent with the Official Community Plan (OCP), OCP policies or designations need to be amended by Council. Learn more
  • Rezoning Amendments: If a different type of use, density, or minimum lot size, is required as part of a new project, then a rezoning is required. Learn more
  • Development Permit: When a new building is proposed in any of the District’s Development Permit Areas, a Development Permit is required prior to any construction. The Development Permit ensures the new project is consistent with Development Permit Area criteria, as established in the OCP.  Learn more
  • Ready to apply?  Visit to access application guides, forms and additional resources.
Site selection resources

There are lots of resources and tools to help you find the perfect site for your business or for development.

Hint: Make sure you check current zoning regulations to ensure that your intended business use aligns.  

Site use and licensing

If you are conducting business within the District of Squamish, a valid business licence is required. Business is defined as carrying on of a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind or nature, or the providing of professional, personal, or other services for the purpose of gain or profit (please note gain includes non-profit and not-for-profit organizations).

  • Before securing a site, ensure your intended business use aligns with current zoning regulations. Use the District's Webmap to view current zoning by site.  Hint: Click on the applicable property and access additional details, including zoning regulations and more.
  •  Found a site your are interested in but your use does not comply with current zoning regulations? 
  • Review the Business Licence Bylaw which licenses and regulates the carrying on of businesses within the District of
  • Ready to apply for a licence? Visit to access more information, including associated fees and application forms.
Location: Squamish Business Park Photo credit: Nicole Gurney

Squamish development incentives

Looking to develop employment space in the District of Squamish? The District has several incentives related to land development. See the list below and click on the links to get more detail:

  1. The District's Priority Development Application Review Policy prioritizes various forms of development including employment space, energy efficient buildings, market rental housing, and affordable housing. While processing efficiencies are based on the applications ability to provide adequate information throughout the process, processing commitments on the part of the District include prioritized staff assignment, reduced processing and review times, as well as fast-tracked application responses. 
  2. Low Carbon Incentive Program - This program incentivizes the development of low carbon residential construction. 
  3. Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw - Established to encourage development of Squamish's 100-acre oceanfront mixed-use site to include park, residential and employment space. Learn about the Squamish Oceanfront development here.    
  4. Permissive Tax Exemption Policy - The District of Squamish may on a request-by-request basis, support voluntary non-profit organizations by exempting land or improvements, or both, from taxation under Section 224 of the Community Charter. Council will consider application for Permissive Tax Exemption annually.
  5. For information about funding and incentives for efficiency improvements, please visit the Natural Resources Canada Grants and Financial Incentives website.

Oceanfront Squamish master plan

Find out more about why you should consider locating your business in Squamish. Download the Squamish Investment Guide.

Squamish Investment Guide

Why invest in Squamish - Nexii Building Solutions

An inventive and forward-looking approach to building is the central business philosophy at Nexii. Squamish is quite simply the perfect location for the green construction technology company’s plant, according to Gregor Robertson, Executive Vice President at Nexii.

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“Nexii chose Squamish from the very beginning as it is a great community to be part of, a great place for our company to be situated, surrounded by beautiful nature, and a great workforce, and really a community that embodied what Nexii stands for which is taking care of the people and the planet.”

— Gregor Robertson, Nexii Building Solutions

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