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Working to strengthen quality of life

There's a growing residential base in Squamish - with 21.8% population growth in just five-years, it signals the need for enhanced services and amenities for local residents and visitors alike.       

Help shore up local amenities and services for Squamish's growing population and workforce. Over the last five years, Squamish's population has expanded by 21.8%, adding forty-three hundred new residents to reach a population of more than twenty-four thousand. 

24.2K Squamish population in 2021

21.8% 5-year population growth

And the population will continue to expand. Squamish's population is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3% to reach more than 36,000 by 2040.  This translates into the need for new and expanded amenities and services for the local population, including enhanced childcare, health services and entertainment options.  

36K estimated residents in by 2040

3% estimated average growth per year

As Squamish's population expands, so too does the local workforce and the need for supporting services that enable workforce participation, drive inclusion and equity, and support a thriving local economy. Between now and 2040, Squamish's workforce is anticipated to expand by nearly ten thousand workers, which translates into an opportunity to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, investors, and supporting organizations.  

21.8K expected workforce 2040

380 workforce added per year

2018 consumer spending patterns

Spending on convenience retail, which comprises of grocery, liquor, and pharmacy topped Squamish consumer spending in 2018 with $139M in estimated purchases.

Automotive spending, including automotive parts purchases and services, auto sales, gas and recreational vehicle purchases was in second in terms of total spending by local residents with $113M in purchases.

Comparison retail, including clothing and accessories, electronics, eyewear, hobbies, toys, and books, household furniture, home improvement items, pet food and supplies, and sports and recreational equipment came in third with a total of $102M in category spending.

Spending on services including animal care, clothing, daycare, financial, legal, photography, maintenance services, medical services and personal care services totaled $54M while spending on food and beverage totaled $49M. Finally, Squamish residents spent $8.2M on entertainment and leisure in 2018.

In-demand services and amenities

Indoor entertainment, health and wellness, food and beverage, here are just some of the amenities and services that come to mind for an expanding community.

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Quality Childcare

All levels of government, community service agencies, families, and businesses have a shared interest in supporting child development and child care services. Find out more about the level of demand, the opportunity, and how to establish a childcare facility in Squamish. 

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Affordable Housing

To ensure that our growing community is diverse, equitable, and affordable it is critical that there is an ongoing affordable housing supply.  Find out more about the Squamish community needs, and associated affordable housing reports, plans, and policies.

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Indoor activity and entertainment

With a population of more than 24,000 which is expected to grow on average more than 3% per year, and a temperate climate that receives its fair share of rain (and even snow sometimes!!), Squamish would benefit from additional indoor entertainment and activity options for local residents. Consider investing in, or starting, a multi-purpose event space or indoor sport activity centre to support our active-population base. Squamish does not have a stand-alone performing arts centre or movie theatre. Need more data and information to make a decision? You're in the right place. Access our wealth of resources from our Tools and Resource Library or reach out to us.  

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Health and wellness services

An expanding community requires increased access to health and wellness services. Squamish's annual growth rate of over 5% for the past five years signals the ever-increasing need to recruit new healthcare practitioners to the serve the community. If you are considering a move to Squamish and want to learn more about starting your practice here, we have a wealth of information to get you on your way. Check out these handy resources that have been organized just for you or reach out to our team as we would be happy to assist.