Be inspired to start your business in Squamish


Jim Morris, VentureWeb

February 20, 2022

Ask Jim Morris about his motivation to start a business in Squamish, and he’ll tell you that he remembers exactly what drew him here in 2005.

As owner of the full-service digital agency Venture Web, Jim had a vision to combine his interest in outdoor adventure with his professional life. He knew that he could achieve the work-life balance he desired for himself and his staff in Squamish.

Today, the Venture Web team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who love to take full advantage of the natural surroundings and active lifestyle found here in Squamish. It’s no secret that one of the agency’s core strengths is a unique blend of the team’s passion for the outdoors paired with their digital and creative expertise. Just as Jim envisioned, that special alignment of personal and professional interests has given Venture Web an edge as a prime service provider for global adventure brands and destinations.

When Jim started his business more than 15 years ago, it was the collaborative spirit of the Squamish business community that encouraged him to pursue his dreams. He considers the like-mindedness and drive of fellow business owners to be a tremendous benefit in Squamish, just like the small-town feel that persists even with its significant economic and demographic growth. Over the years, he has built an award-winning and thriving international business here, but Jim also calls Squamish home – he has roots in the community and has raised a family in a truly beautiful place.