Growing a business – Squamish Water Kefir


Sabrina Horlyck and Kristin Campbell quite literally had a gut feeling that their business idea was a good one. From brewing their own water kefir in their kitchen at home to expanding into a thriving beverage business over several years – the founders shared the story of their growing business’ success.

Horlyck was studying nutrition with the goal to understand her own intestinal issues when she started experimenting at home, making her own fermented beverage– water kefir. The drink was filled with digestive enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. When family and friends tasted it and asked for deliveries of this ‘magic potion’, Horlyck knew she was onto something. She partnered up with Campbell and together they started selling the now branded ‘Squamish Water Kefir’ at the local weekly farmer’s market.

The products were so well received by the local community that the Squamish Water Kefir team was soon able to establish partnerships with local retailers, who started carrying their beverages. Within a few short years, the craft beverage scene in Squamish had blossomed, with cideries, craft breweries, distilleries, and other producers popping up. According to Horlyck, both the thriving tourism industry and community growth have been key contributing factors to this industry’s evolution.

Horlyck and Campbell founded their company Squamish Water Kefir in 2015, and attribute their business success to the supportive entrepreneurial scene, strong community support, and positive economic growth in Squamish. In 2021 the business expanded, moving into a new production facility in the Squamish industrial park, enabling them to scale and sell their products across Canada, from British Columbia to Quebec.