Unique perspectives - Sea to Sky Cable Cam

When Sea to Sky Cable Cam Founder and CEO Matt Maddaloni moved to Squamish in his twenties he had his sights set on becoming a full-time rock climber. It was an exciting time with lots of opportunities and he soon found himself working in rigging and construction, but the story didn’t end there. Matt found a way to combine his passion for the mountains and the outdoors with a fulfilling career in a booming industry.

The beginnings of Sea to Sky Cable Cam came about when a few documentary filmmaker friends asked Matt to put his rigging skills into action for a shoot where they wanted to capture a kayak river crossing in a new and unique way. The experience unlocked endless possibilities in Matt’s mind and inspired him to use his skillset for the filming industry. His unique knowledge base on filming and rigging in extreme environments is what he applies in his business every day. Today Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in the development of powerful and reliable cable camera technologies for live broadcast, cinema and virtual reality.

The booming film industry in Vancouver has spilled into Squamish, with lots of residents employed especially in the adventure-based media and film sector. And as Matt says, Squamish has everything needed for great filmmaking – incredible mountains, the ocean, forests, animals, and amazing talent to work with.

Matt has assembled his dream team in Squamish with a group of smart and creative individuals who embrace excellence when it comes to camerawork and have the technical skillset to produce stunning work at Sea to Sky Cable Cam. It’s a team of people who love to collaborate and play in the outdoors, operate in the mountains, and work in every type of film, whether it's a Hollywood blockbuster or local documentary.